At WORLD TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS & LOGISTICS, S.L. we handle perishable goods with efficiency and swiftness, both in transportation and in customs procedures.

As they are short-lived products with special storage conditions, the transport of perishable goods requires specific safety and control measures so that the product arrives in perfect conditions for the final consumer.

We are specialists in product analysis for subsequent entry into the EU, which allows us to provide a comprehensive service in foreign trade, combining transport with product homologation for further distribution in Europe.

That is why, beyond the general rules of transport of perishable goods, this sector is governed by the Agreement on the International Transport of Perishable Goods and Special Vehicles used for this purpose (ATP), approved in 1970 in Geneva. The objective of the agreement is that this type of goods arrives in optimal conditions at their destination and that the transport complies with the regulations set forth by the ATP itself, which our company guarantees.