Other Customs procedures

Imports and exports of certain products are subject to the intervention of various official agencies, which perform control inspections before the customs clearance procedure.

In WORLD TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS & LOGISTICS, S.L. we have highly trained  personnel in the management of any customs inspection necessary for the clearance of your goods throughout the Spanish territory.

Among the inspections in which we are experts are:

– Sanitary control, which regulates certain products intended for human consumption, in accordance with the regulations in force in the European Union.

– Veterinary control, intended for the control of live animals, products of animal origin, and other products intended for animal feed.

– Phytosanitary control, which regulates the entry of plants, seeds, products of unprocessed vegetable origin and chemical products for agriculture.

– Pharmaceutical control, aimed at the control and surveillance of medicines for human consumption, raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and other health, cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

– CITES Control, which affects trade of endangered species of fauna and flora included in the Washington Convention.

– Quality control SOIVRE, which regulates the control and inspection of a series of products in terms of compliance with certain quality and / or safety standards for goods to be exported or imported .